Rubber Mulch Maintenance in Aldersey Green

Rubber Mulch Maintenance in Aldersey Green

With a rubber mulch play surface, regular maintenance work should include sweeping and washing to remove dirt and prevent the pores in the surface from becoming blocked.

Shredded Mulch Cleaning in Aldersey Green

Shredded Mulch Cleaning in Aldersey Green

It's important to be proactive with cleaning and maintenance for a rubber mulch surface to ensure it remains safe and doesn't get contaminated.

Maintaining Rubber Playgrounds in Aldersey Green

Maintaining Rubber Playgrounds in Aldersey Green

For any facility which is used by children, safety should be the top priority to regular inspections and checks of the rubber mulch flooring should be done to test for damage.

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Rubber Mulch Safety Surfacing Maintenance in Aldersey Green

We offer rubber mulch safety surfacing maintenance in Aldersey Green CH3 9 to ensure your area stay in good quality. Our premium bonded system is a resin bound safety surface that has dramatically improved since the days loose playground bark or bark chippings were used.

Traditional Play bark chips require some maintenance to keep level and it also needs to be topped up as it compacts down and decays. Our resin bound mulch system makes a great option for play area safety surfacing, as it is made from premium material and is bound together meaning there is no need to top it up and keep it level in high wear areas such as under swings, slide ends, roundabouts and multi-unit playground equipment.

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For more information, our nearby team are always on standby to help with any questions you have. They are able to provide an excellent response with all the answers to the questions and information that you require.

Mulch Safety Flooring Near Me

Our mulch safety flooring has been extensively tested in the most demanding conditions and meets the requirements of BS EN 1177 giving users ultimate safety at all times. The safety test BSEN 1177 is tested in accordance to the HIC method where it calculates the Critical Fall Height (CFH) where the children and kids could fall from the play area equipment platform. This determines the free fall space requirement needed and surfacing area required to make sure the children are protected. We offer a number of other surfaces which meet different safety requirements and come in a range of designs. Rubber grass mats are popular in natural play areas with real grass. For information on the mats we install click here The mats are installed in separate square tiles over the top of the grass to meet the existing area size and allow the natural grass to grow through.

What is Mulch Safety Surfacing?

In terms of maintaining local bonded rubber mulch systems, a sufficient maintenance plan consisting of a light jet wash and brush should be more than suitable. Take note to be careful on lesser quality mulch not to brush too aggressively as rubber shred may come away and become unbound. Be sure to fill in our simple enquiry form today if you are interested in completing maintenance work to your area. One of our team members will be pleased to speak to you and offer professional advice.

How to Prevent Damages

If you are wondering how to prevent damages, it's a good idea to carry out regular maintenance in surrounding areas. Grass matrix mats in Aldersey Green CH3 9 have been widely used around trim trail equipment but over time they can sink into the ground especially in soft ground. Our premium bound mulch creates an eco-friendly synthetic surfacing. Our one part single layer bonded system can typically be poured in place in a single day. Curing times can vary but most areas can be used the following day resulting in an instant transformation and usability of your previously muddy play area. It is always advised to include a geotextile membrane, since it can often be installed over existing ground without need for expensive or time-consuming and potentially disruptive ground works.

Maintenance of Surfacing Near Me in Aldersey Green

Once installed the only maintenance required is to regularly inspect it and to keep it clean, so basic housekeeping is all that should be required. As it is a porous system the water will drain through the surface meaning that this flooring system is SUDS compliant and permeable. Wetpour is another SUDS compliant surface and can have coloured graphics installed for kids to enjoy. For details about the graphics please click here Over time the pores of the surface can become clogged up hindering drainage.


A stiff brush and gentle pressure washing of the surface should free up and restore porosity back to your rubber shred surface. Should you require any reactive maintenance work to your flooring, we can complete the rubber mulch repair to deal with any damage and make the area safe again. To learn more about maintenance of surfacing, please contact us. 

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We would be happy to offer professional advice and help with regards to cleaning and maintenance of your rubber surface. Please use our enquiry form to send us over your details and we'll come back to you with further information and a quote for any work you need us to carry out. Costs of rubber mulch safety surfacing maintenance in Aldersey Green CH3 9 will vary depending on area size, level of damage and numerous other factors so it's important to look at all of your options before deciding on a budget.

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