Rubber Mulch Pathway in Aspull Common

Rubber Mulch Pathway in Aspull Common

Many pathways at clubs, parks and visitor attractions are surfaced in resin bound rubber mulch to give a natural looking surface which fits in with existing grass areas while providing safety qualities.

Mulch Path Surfaces in Aspull Common

Mulch Path Surfaces in Aspull Common

The specification of recycled rubber mulch flooring means it's comfortable to walk on as well as requiring very little maintenance once the initial installation is complete.

Rubber Walkway Surfacing in Aspull Common

Rubber Walkway Surfacing in Aspull Common

Resin bound rubber mulch is a durable and versatile walkway surface which is ideal for parks and public attractions which are used by children and need to keep a natural but safe flooring type.

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Pathway Surfaced in Resin Bound Mulch in Aspull Common

Pathway surfaced in resin bound mulch in Aspull Common WA3 1 is a great option for various areas. Pathways are traditionally fairly expensive to construct due to the amount of edges and minimal surface area, however, our resin bonded flooring can be used to create cost-effective and environmentally friendly pathway solutions with minimum disruption to your school site.


Opting for a natural looking resin bound rubber surface reduces the operating times of contractors who are on your site. If you need to create an almost maintenance free pathway to link up play equipment, temporary classrooms or cut-through routes then our premium resin surfacing offers a flexible natural look. The flex in the surface actually makes it kinder and less tiring to walk on. If you need more info on the rubber mulch surfacing have a look at this page We can advise on the specification of the right system for your requirements, please contact us for assistance.

If you'd like more information on Pathways Surfaced in Resin Bound Much, please feel free to contact our specialist team who will respond as soon as possible.

Walkway Flooring in Aspull Common

Our team can carry out a range of services such as installation, maintenance and repairs of rubber mulch walkway flooring so make sure you ask if you are in need of any of these. One of our experts would be more than happy to discuss the prices for cleaning or repairs to your playground facility. You can speak to us today by using the short enquiry form on this page to tell us about what you need. The pathways in Aspull Common should be regularly maintained by you using a secure, proactive maintenance plan. This will enable you to ensure that the local pathway stays as clean as possible and consequently lasts for as long as possible. A simple regular brushing of the flooring will make sure that the pores stay unclogged and therefore don't become damaged. If damage is caused to the path or its surrounding areas, it is vital you repair it straight away. For details on repairs please click here This is because if the pores were to become clogged, a severe waterlogging or flooding of the surface could occur.

Recycled Bonded Rubber Mulch Pathways

Our premium system is not to be confused with similarly named products. Our premium rubber in Aspull Common WA3 1 is specifically manufactured from pneumatic tyres, not traditional road tyres. This allows us to shred consistently and replicate the same product specification time after time. We then blend together various sized shred and a special mix of different sized shred together, which helps gives strength to the system (tensile strength). These then go through an encapsulation process which colours the rubber with a PU colour coating. This special coating is designed to work with the specific PU binder to bond it all together as a unique system. Rubber mulch is excellent for play areas and paths based in woodland areas surrounded by grass and trees. Our recyced bonded rubber mulch pathways are becoming more popular over the years. This is because, by using mulch in these nearby facilities, it will look great due to the combination and blend between the surface and its surroundings. To cater for this, we offer the surface in both green and brown to match the scenery and the trees.

Rubber Mulch Walkways Near Me

The rubber shred is available in a number of different colours, allowing you to personalise your design. Colours include black, green and brown and you can also mix a number of the colours to create a 'fleck' effect. You may want to use the surface around tree pits and timber trails making a brown natural colour a great option.


As we are a specialist playground surfacing company we work with many schools, nurseries and councils to install safe recreational environments. For more details on our company, please have a look at this page These can be designed to suit children of all ages and abilities so that they can each take part in an activity they enjoy during play times. Although mulch walkways near me can be a costly project for facilities closest to you such as parks, we are able to offer a much more cost-friendly solution which is recycled rubber mulch walkways. The mulch can be laid onto any flooring type such as grass, so there is not much need for a lot of preparation work beforehand as the installers don't need to dig the floor.

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If you require any other advice on pathway surfacing or natural rubber paving, we are more than happy to provide you with some friendly surfacing advice. We can supply you with information on specification, design, costs and uses of a natural looking pathway surfaced in resin bound mulch in Aspull Common WA3 1 to ensure you get the most suitable surface for your pathways and paving requirements. Contact us today through the enquiry box on this page and a member of our team will be in touch shortly.

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