Rubber Mulch Repairs in Ashopton

Rubber Mulch Repairs in Ashopton

Proactive maintenance is the best way to prevent damage to your rubber mulch surface, but any issues should be repaired as soon as possible to stop the flooring from becoming unsafe.

Repairing Mulch Surfaces in Ashopton

Repairing Mulch Surfaces in Ashopton

We can carry out maintenance and repairs to your rubber mulch play area or pathway to fix damage and bring back the original appearance and safety qualities.

Mulch Playground Repair in Ashopton

Mulch Playground Repair in Ashopton

It is vital to make regular checks to your resin bound rubber mulch surface to identify any damage or potential hazards which need to be addressed, we can offer help and advice on repairs for this surface type.

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Bonded Rubber Mulch Repairs in Ashopton

We carry out bonded rubber mulch repairs in Ashopton S33 0 if necessary. Buy cheap, buy it twice. We have heard many horror stories from clients who have purchased their mulch surfacing purely on price without researching the installation company properly and found that the surface begins to fret and break up. We offer repairs to these surfaces across the UK to ensure the surface is at top standard.

There can be many reasons for this but choosing a time served company in is key when selecting your safety surface installers. Our premium resin bonded rubberised shred has a fantastic life span and will give better long to medium returns compared to cheaper alternatives as well as maintaining the highest level of safety for your children, which after all is a major reason to use our rubber safety surfacing.


For more information on repairs for rubberised shred closest to you, please feel free to get in touch with our nearby specialist team with any questions you would like to find the answers to. You can do this by completing the provided enquiry box found below.

Mulch Fixing Solution

If you are looking for a mulch fixing solution, our professional team can offer a range of services for you. In areas such as pre schools or early years nurseries closest to you in Ashopton S33 0 a fretting flooring can become hazardous and dangerous to the young kids and children using it. Not only could trip hazards appear on the area but young children could be tempted to put loose rubber in the mouths which could contain toxins or cause choking. In the instance of damage, fretting, vandalism or poor installation from others, it is possible that we will be able to recap your existing bonded surface that has failed. This would include laying a fresh new layer of bonded shred across the area to repair all damaged unsafe surrounding areas, leave the surface looking brand new.

Surface Repairs Near Me in Ashopton

If you've got a mulch area which is in need of reactive surface repairs and maintenance we offer these services to repair the damage and make the area suitable for use again. We could also send over specialist DIY kits which allow you to repair small areas yourself. For a wetpour playground surface, we supply rubber repair kits so you can complete maintenance for these as well. To find out more about our repair kits please click here Our expert team are always happy to offer any questions you might have about installation, repairs or maintenance of these surfaces. If you've got an enquiry please fill in the contact form with your name, site postcode and description of the works.

What are Rubber Mulch Repairs?

Our premium system is not to be confused with similarly named products. Our premium shred is specifically manufactured from pneumatic tyres, not traditional road tyres. This allows us to shred consistently and replicate the same product specification time after time. We then blend together various sized shred and a special mix of different sized shred together, which helps gives strength to the system (tensile strength). These then go through an encapsulation process which colours the rubber with a PU colour coating. This special coating is designed to work with the specific PU binder to bond it all together as a unique system.

Rubber Mulch Specification Near Me

The shred is available in a number of different colours, allowing you to personalise your design. Colours include black, green and brown and you can also mix a number of the colours to create a 'fleck' effect. You may want to use the surface around tree pits and timber trails making a brown natural colour a great option.

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To ensure that your outdoor play flooring is performing to the best standards, we can carry out surface safety testing to check a number of factors. For more information on our company and the services we provide please click here This is done with local specialist equipment which tests the impact absorption, slip resistance and general performance of a safety floor. Please contact us if you require any type of safety testing to your playground flooring. Learn more about the rubber mulch specification by contacting our team. 

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If you require anymore advice on pathway surfacing or natural paving near me, we are more than happy to provide you with some friendly surfacing advice. We can offer information on specification, design, costs and uses of natural looking shred to ensure you get the most suitable surface for your pathways and paving requirements. We will also offer details on bonded rubber mulch repairs in Ashopton S33 0 and how we go about these services. Don't forget to use our quick contact form to speak to a member of staff today.

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