Rubber Mulch Surfacing in Bayston Hill

Rubber Mulch Surfacing in Bayston Hill

Shredded rubber mulch is often installed in recreational areas with timber activity trails to provide shock absorption and to keep kids safe when using different types of play equipment.

Resin Bound Mulch in Bayston Hill

Resin Bound Mulch in Bayston Hill

The recycled rubber chippings are installed as a resin bound surface which can be laid onto most existing outdoor play areas to give a natural looking appearance with additional safety.

Rubber Mulch Playground in Bayston Hill

Rubber Mulch Playground in Bayston Hill

Many playgrounds at parks have rubber mulch surfacing installed to go with equipment like swings and climbing frames as it fits with existing natural features as well as helping to keep kids safe in the play area.

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Resin Bound Rubber Mulch Shred in Bayston Hill

Our resin bound rubber mulch shred in Bayston Hill SY3 0 is a premium grade safety surface which is ideally suited to solving play area issues like muddy areas in school and kindergarten playgrounds and around existing timber trim trail equipment. If you have a muddy area in your playground which often becomes unusable in wet conditions, these areas can easily be converted with minimal preparation works.

This can be laid over most existing surfaces for example grass. Premium blend flooring such as Rhino Mulch is ideal for surfacing around planters, tree pits, Timber Trim Trail equipment, areas with tree roots, surfacing under trees, excavation problem areas, areas where the grass does not grow and it is easy to replace loose bark chip areas to reduce maintenance costs. For additional info on maintenance click here Our nearby specialists who work closest to you have installed and maintained various surface types and have become experts in the industry.


For more information, please feel free to contact our local specialist team who will respond as soon as possible with all of the answers you require. You are free to ask any questions that you would like answers to.

Rubberised Mulch Near Me in Bayston Hill

Price and costs can vary between bonded rubber products in Bayston Hill and as with anything you get what you pay for. We have been working as specialist playground surface installers for many years and our experts would be happy to discuss the costs for your project. Our premium system has been carefully developed over our many years of experience (Established 1997) having compared it to other cheaper bonded safety systems, we think it is the best available in our opinion. The reasons behind this are that we made it this way by using the best materials and production processes available. A lot of work and effort has gone in to design a binder that is specifically formulated to work with our tight blend shred making it unique within the market. To find out more about rubberised mulch, please fill in our contact box.

What is Rubber Mulch?

Rubber Mulch is an excellent safety flooring that is very reliable and durable for playgrounds. It is commonly used in grassy spaces to provide a more rural feel as it provides a great combination when paired with grass and trees. This flooring may be laid over most flooring types in Bayston Hill SY3 0 with minimal preparation, for example an existing grass flooring. Bonded surfaces do not need to be laid up to an edge like wet pour surfacing; instead the edges are graded down to give the surface a more natural appearance. Resin Bonded Rubber e.g. Rhino Mulch offers a more natural rustic finish, with the appearance of loose bark and the practicalities of in-situ resin-bound surfacing. Resin-bound surfacing comes under Q26 Special Surfacing/ paving's for sports/general amenity 360 insitu synthetic surface. We often install rubber-mulch pathways in a range of colours and sizes to suit each location. For more details on mulch pathways click here As well as paths we can also install this surfacing type for woodlands areas and playgrounds as well as their surrounding areas.

Playground Surface Resin Bound Near Me

Our rubber-mulch soft surfacing has been fully tested to meet the requirements of BS EN 1177 standards. As this is a natural looking product our most popular colours are Green, Brown or a mix of both Green & Brown together, though other colours are available.

When looking for playground surface Resin Bound Rubber-Mulch, you will find it can be used as a safety surface on a number of different areas:

  • School Playgrounds - Acting as a safer floor for children. (Check correct CFH)
  • Park Play Areas - Offering shock absorbency in the instance of a slip trip or fall
  • Timber Trail - Giving natural looking safety flooring
  • Nurseries - Safety surfacing with natural finish
  • Recreational Spaces - Bark shred meeting CFH playground equipment fall heights

How to Maintain a Resin Bound Mulch Shred

The maintenance of a rubber shred in Bayston Hill is relatively quite straightforward. However, if there are no efforts made to maintain your area, there can be many problems in the overall durability of the surface. By contacting our specialist team via the provided contact form below, you can find out more on resin-bound shred. A simple regular clean of your surfacing will be enough to ensure that any damages are prevented.


However, if repairs are eventually required, our team can provide an excellent service to ensure that your surface is not damaged or hazardous to anyone on the surface. For more information on rubber-mulch repairs This is because the area can tear over time and cause trip hazards. Also, although the facility near me will be porous, a build up of dirt can cause the area to become clogged and therefore damaged due to waterlogging and flooding. By brushing your surfacing every so often, this can easily be avoided.

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