Wetpour Repair Kits in Beeny

Wetpour Repair Kits in Beeny

We can supply specialist repair kits so you can fix small localised areas of damage to your wetpour surface without having to get a contractor on site to do it.

Playground Maintenance Kit in Beeny

Playground Maintenance Kit in Beeny

It's important to keep your rubber play surface well maintained and look out for any damage so it can be repaired as quickly as possible to prevent further issues.

DIY Wetpour Repairs in Beeny

DIY Wetpour Repairs in Beeny

Please contact us if you need a DIY wetpour repair kit to fix minor damage to your surface, or if you'd like us to send you over some liquid de-icer to keep your play area safe and free form ice in cold weather.

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Wetpour Repair Kits in Beeny

Wet Pour Repair Kits in Beeny PL35 0 are designed specifically so that almost anyone with basic DIY skills can make the surfacing repairs themselves. The do it yourself DIY wetpour repair kits come with the EPDM granules, our specialised binder, polyurethane primer and gloves. The DIY wet pour DIY buckets contain the correct amount of EPDM wearing course rubber and binder to ensure you get the perfect consistency of wet pour. This allows you the peace of mind to know that you can concentrate on the installation and different designs and patterns you may decide to create on your surfacing. The DIY kit allows you the freedom to install many different shapes, sizes and colours of rubber crumb to give your old wet pour flooring an instant lift.


You can find out more by discussing any of the topics with our nearby specialist team. By completing the enquiry box, you will be able to earn a valuable response as soon as possible that answers all of your questions.

Wetpour Surfacing Facilities Near Me

We may even complete playground surface testing to check the safety qualities of the wetpour surfacing facilities and detemine the best maintenance methods for the area. The rubber crumb wetpour repair kits can be used in a variety of different areas including:

  • Primary Schools - Repairing existing surfacing to improve safety and prevent trips
  • Nurseries - Installing wet pour to meet the BSEN 1177 safety standards and specifications
  • Early Years Playground - childrens soft surfacing, safety flooring, rubberized granules
  • Leisure centres - Adding coloured EPDM crumb to existing wet pout flooring
  • LAP / LEAP / NEAP - Play area flooring, rubber chipping mixed insitu with PU binder
  • Infant Schools - Meeting NBS Q26 360 specifications for surfacing
  • Sports Clubs - Athletics long jump runway surfaces, high jump fan surfacing, tartan areas
  • Park / Play Areas - Perimeter band repairs, shrinkage repairs, damaged epdm crumb areas
  • Recreational areas - Repairing contents in parks, playgrounds, to improve look and safety

Don't forget to use our quick contact form to get in touch with us if you would like to order a repairing contents or discuss the costs for a larger area of repairs. We would be happy to help with any questions you have.

What is a Wetpour Repair Kit?

A repair kit is an excellent supply that we may provide to you to enable you to fix any damages on your facility. For small damages, instead of charging you the cost of our team visiting your site just to fix something small, we can send a simple repair kit to allow the client to fix it themself. It is important to know about the flooring before you buy the repair kits. For info on the actual surfacing please click here http://playgroundrubbersafetysurfacing.co.uk/wetpour/wetpour-surfacing/cornwall/beeny/ You may think the fixing local contents would be very complex, however it really is not. A simple set of primer, gloves and EPDM rubber granules is provided in a small bucket-shaped repair bucket. This makes transport and delivery in Beeny PL35 0 very easy and if you need more than one, this can also be catered for with ease. The kits are excellent for revitalising a surface to make it look as good as new, meaning that any damages to your surfacing can easily be fixed with the matching colour.

Wetpour Surface Repair DIY Kit

Wetpour surface repair DIY kit kit buckets are available in many different colours to suit any design specification. This includes red, yellow, light blue, dark blue, light green, dark green, orange, purple and many more. There are many different colour ranges that can be used to transform your old impact absorbing insitu laid playground surface with new coloured EPDM designs. Wet pour is great surface to install in playgrounds in Beeny PL35 0 however, if the correct maintenance strategy is not followed, there can be severe consequences for the surface. A proactive maintenance strategy will not only help you to lengthen your surface's lifespan, but it will also ensure that any damages to the surface are attended to as soon as possible.


This is very beneficial to the owner because a minor fix obviously costs much less than a major fix and if any minor damages are left unattended, they are likely to grow into larger damages. In a playground, there should be no reason why a damaged surface is not reported because of the hazard it can cause to children playing on that surfacing.

Wetpour Fixing Supplies Near Me

For playgrounds near me, wet pour surfaces are extremely popular because they offer children a fun and safe outdoor space which they can use for both learning and recreational activities. For more information on wet pour repairs we can carry out closest to you please click here http://playgroundrubbersafetysurfacing.co.uk/wetpour/wetpour-surfacing-repairs/cornwall/beeny/ This is why it's important to keep your rubber play area flooring and surrounding areas in top condition through regular maintenance and carrying out any repairs wherever necessary. We can give our professional advice with regards to the maintenance of all types of playground surfaces so don't hesitate to ask if you need any help. To learn more about wetpour fixing supplies, please contact us now.

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