Wetpour Surface Maintenance in Pinfarthings

Wetpour Surface Maintenance in Pinfarthings

It's vital to regularly clean and maintain your wetpour playground surface to keep it safe and make sure it looks good for the kids who are using it.

Cleaning Playground Flooring in Pinfarthings

Cleaning Playground Flooring in Pinfarthings

Maintenance for a wetpour rubber playground can include sweeping the area to remove debris, and applying a light jet wash to lift up any dirt stuck on the surface.

Play Area Maintenance in Pinfarthings

Play Area Maintenance in Pinfarthings

We can carry out play area maintenance work for your wetpour surface and also offer advice on how you can proactively look after the flooring and prevent it from getting damaged and worn out.

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Wet Pour Rubber Safety Surface Maintenance in Pinfarthings

As with anything, wet pour rubber safety surface maintenance in Pinfarthings GL6 9 is required to keep it in prime condition. Maintaining the surface helps keep it clean and performing to its best consistently and all it takes are a few simple procedures carried out regularly.

we can maintain a number of surfaces including wetpour


Leaves, weeds and other vegetation should be not be allowed to sit upon the facility, this can cause a drain inhibiting skin to form on the flooring providing perfect growing conditions for moss algae and weeds to grow upon the flooring. This allows moisture and water to be held upon the surface preventing it from being and porous and could cause issues such as expansion and contraction in freezing and cold conditions. These problems can easy be prevented and save you a considerable amount of money in maintenance repairs just by regularly maintaining the wet pour flooring with a brush and copious amounts of water as well as a light jet wash or hose down.

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What is Wetpour Surface Maintenance?

Wetpour facility maintenance is crucial for ensuring that your surface's life span is maximised. Making sure correct footwear is worn on rubber wet pour safety surface in Pinfarthings is also key to maintaining consistent performance of the rubberised flooring. Sharp footwear like high heels or football boots could penetrate the wearing course of the flooring. This can then escalate if little fingers begin to pick at it, causing it to rip or tear, creating a trip hazard and costing money to repair. For more details on repairs please click here http://playgroundrubbersafetysurfacing.co.uk/wetpour/wetpour-surfacing-repairs/gloucestershire/pinfarthings/ Regular maintenance and inspection of flooring ought to be carried out with any damaged areas in need of repairing note instantly as failure to do so is a health and safety risk leaving yourself liable to any accident that may happen on the surface. The same principles apply to other outdoor safety surfaces like rubber mulch flooring in Pinfarthings GL6 9 to ensure that any nearby playground facilities and their surrounding areas are kept safe. This is because without correct maintenance, the wetpour system will not adhere to the BS 7188 performance specification which basically the general wear and slip resistance of flooring and the BSEN 1177 is tested to meet the Critical Fall height CFH under the HIC test method.

Maintaining Wetpour Surfaces Near Me

A wetpour floor is commonly installed as a rubber safety flooring in a local area where there is a high traffic of children and young people. The correct sub base specification in these types of high wear areas in Pinfarthings is a crucial part of the on-going performance of the soft floor, so speak to us regarding your specific site requirements and use in order that we can design on the most suitable sub base specification. As with any area associated with use by the public accidents can happen and this may cause the wetpour safety surfacing to need some attention. Maintaining wetpour surfaces and small blemishes such as stains or chewing gum marks can help prevent more expensive costs like future repairs. In the instance of a stain appearing it is likely that it may be removed with a solution of hot water and detergent such as washing up liquid. Chewing Gum and Oil marks may prove more difficult to clean and maintain however it is possible that chewing gum can be removed by applying a freezing aerosol and oil stains removed with the application of a methylated spirit, as with the use of any cleaning products, check suitability on a small inconspicuous area first. 

EPDM Rubber Flooring

Sometimes no matter how much attention is given to maintain a wetpour safety flooring, weeds will appear however if acted upon straight away these are not a problem. Small weeds could be removed from the EPDM rubber flooring by hand and damp areas attracting moss can be cleared and maintained using any path moss killer.


Any areas of self set weeds must be treated using any domestic weed killer that is NOT oil based. Special care must be taken around at all time when applying weed and moss killing solutions as they can be hazardous to young people. Rubber mulch is another surface we install. For details on mulch maintenance click here http://playgroundrubbersafetysurfacing.co.uk/mulch-services/mulch-maintenance/gloucestershire/pinfarthings/ We can complete all the maintenance work as well as repairs and cleaning for mulch so feel free to ask us if you are in need of any of these services.

How to Maintain a Wetpour Surface Near Me

Snow and ice should be removed with special playground de-icer, which we can supply (Non Solvent) maintenance should be carried out with a brush or rubber edged scraper, metal and sharp edges shovels should not be used. After heavy snow fall or frost salt and grit should not be used, as they could stain the wetpour facility closest to you. All testing and maintenance of insitu laid wetpour must meet NBS Q26 360 specifications.

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