Wetpour Surface Repairs in Bonnybank

Wetpour Surface Repairs in Bonnybank

Over time a wetpour play surface can shrink or become damaged, it's important to carry out repairs as soon as possible to prevent trip hazards and further problems on the playground.

Rubber Playground Repair in Bonnybank

Rubber Playground Repair in Bonnybank

Repairs to a wetpour surface can include fixing shrinkage to the perimeter and filling in damaged areas with a new application of rubber.

Wetpour Repair Maintenance in Bonnybank

Wetpour Repair Maintenance in Bonnybank

We can offer services to repair damage on your rubber wetpour surface to bring back the safety qualities and give you an attractive playground surface again.

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Repairing a Wetpour Safety Surface in Bonnybank

As with anything, repairing a wet pour surface in Bonnybank KY8 5 can be achieved with the help of our team. These surfaces can suffer vandalism, or simply wear out or making it unsafe.

Areas that need repair can include around the edge and perimeter of the existing surface, which can suffer shrink back over time due to climatic changes that we experience.

We advise that regular wetpour maintenance is done to reduce the need for any fixes, we can carry out these works all year round.


If you would like to find out more on repairing a wetpour surface or you need a quote, please get in touch for competitive prices. Our local specialist team closest to you are always available to help a customer find all the answers they require.

For small repairs, it is important that it is seen to immediately as any minor damage left unattended will likely develop further damage that could be permanent. This means more expensive wetpour repairs will be required.

What is a Wetpour Repair?

A wet pour repair is the process of rectifying any issues or damage on an EPDM rubber surface. 

Wet pour repairs can, in certain cases, involve some work to the surrounding area too. We may have to create a new chase or channel cut at a suitable edge around the whole perimeter of the wetpour surface and then remove the damaged areas of rubber crumb. In this case, the base rubber will be removed too.

The affected area is then filled with a fresh new layer of safety rubber and graded down to the existing edge to reduce any possible trip hazard. We can offer testing of wet pour surfaces to ensure safety if necessary.

For details on these tests please click here http://playgroundrubbersafetysurfacing.co.uk/testing/fife/bonnybank/

We advise that this 'band repair' is carried out in a contrasting colour than the existing wetpour surface as changing the colour has the benefit of giving any area a facelift and fresh appearance whilst maintaining the BSEN 1177 safety standards.

We have a wide variety of options to choose from and we can advise you on the best way forward.

Recap and Repair WetPour Safety Surface Near Me

Advice on the most suitable and appropriate surfacing repair product for your safety flooring in Bonnybank KY8 5 can be given. One option could be to complete an overlay of the existing area.

This process involves fixing any damage, if required, cutting back the safety surfacing around the perimeter and then applying a new wearing course. It's a bit like icing a cake, and it will totally transform the look of your area. You can choose from a range of colours and designs for your wet pour surface.

Having an alternative colour is a great way to create a fun design for children to enjoy. 

The new Re-cap of the wearing course is then graded back into the existing edging, giving an almost flush finish (depending on the thickness of original system and edging). The maintenance of your rubber surface should be prioritised after the installation has been completed.

For more information on maintaining your existing surface type please click here http://playgroundrubbersafetysurfacing.co.uk/wetpour/wetpour-surfaces-maintenance/fife/bonnybank/

Maintenance will ensure that the lifespan of a facility and its surrounding areas is maximised and will last as long as possible. Fill in our enquiry form if you have any further queries.

How to Repair Wetpour

We recommend that safety surfacing is inspected at least once a week to ensure it remains safe and compliant at all times. Any item which needs attention can be rectified quickly and cost effectively.

Failure to keep your nearby playground surfacing in tip top condition may mean putting the health and safety of your playground users at risk and leaving yourself open to receive a personal injury claim. Remember where there's blame there's a claim.

When proactively maintaining a floor, you are able to discover a damaged area as soon as possible. That's very beneficial to you as it ensures that the wetpour repairs are attended to as soon as possible when they are at their cheapest.

This is because damage is likely to expand over time and with use meaning that when you eventually get a repair, it could be very costly, especially compared to the cost of the initial fix.

When you are ready to repair the playground surfacing, you will need a stanley knife, paddle style mixer and plastering trowel. It is recommended to get a rubber company to carry out the repairs in most cases to ensure you get the perfect product and results. 

Our team offer competitive prices for play areas and gardens. Whether you need minor repairs or a brand new surface, it is definitely recommended to contact our professionals.

Do it Yourself - Wetpour Repair Kit

In some cases, you may even be able to use one of our simple, easy to use DIY wet pour repair kits. These may be used for small repairs which may be needed due to the removal of play equipment or heavy use and other atmospheric conditions.

It is important to remember, even if you choose the same colour, it may not be an exact match. Therefore we often recommend looking at our range of colours and choosing a contrasting colour for patch repairs. 

The wet pour repair kit contains everything you need to do it yourself, including the perfect ratio of EPDM rubber granules and a polyurethane resin binder.

To learn more about wet pour repair kits for the small areas on your play area, please visit this page http://playgroundrubbersafetysurfacing.co.uk/wetpour/wetpour-repair-kits/fife/bonnybank/

Rubber Surface Repairs Near Me in Bonnybank

Our team can also carry out services for other types of playground flooring, for example rubber mulch flooring maintenance is commonly required.

This should also be done frequently to keep the area clean and reduce any risk of damage that might require a fix or resurface. Please feel free to speak to one of our team members for more details on this flooring type and the maintenance that should be done.

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Shrinkage around edges may be easily corrected, by completing a perimeter band repair. This is a straight forward process and can reduce the risk of injury by removing possible trip hazards.

The perimeter repair is carried out by cutting back a chase cut band repair in preparation for new epdm rubber floors. The chase cut width can vary depending on the state of existing flooring.

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For more information on repairing a wetpour safety surfacing in Bonnybank KY8 5 or to find out how to protect children and yourself from any injuries please do not hesitate to contact us.

Whether you require patch repairs from removal of play equipment or you need a full replacement, we can help.

Email or call us and we will get back to you with budget costs and a free quotation to get your playground surfacing looking as good as new whilst also meeting the NBS accreditations for Q26 insitu special rubber surfacing. 

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