Wetpour Safety Surfacing in Moyarget

Wetpour Safety Surfacing in Moyarget

The two layered wetpour system is a great option for school and nursery playgrounds as it has a shockpad to absorb impact and a coloured wearing course for bright designs and graphics.

Rubber Wetpour Flooring in Moyarget

Rubber Wetpour Flooring in Moyarget

The SBR base layer of the two tiered wetpour system gives shock resistance to protect kids from falls when running and using play equipment.

EPDM Play Surfaces in Moyarget

EPDM Play Surfaces in Moyarget

We can assist you with designing and installing a new EPDM wetpour play surface which suits the needs of your organisation and creates an enjoyable environment for children of all ages.

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Rubber Wet Pour Safety Surfacing in Moyarget

If you are looking for rubber wet pour safety surfacing in Moyarget BT54 6 our expert team can help you. The best safety flooring which is most commonly found kids play areas, playgrounds, nurseries, kindergarten etc is what industry known as a wetpour surface.

Wetpour surfacing is often called a variety of different names including bouncy safe surfaces. You may know wetpour as rubber tarmac surfacing, a spongy rubber surface, soft pour, soft play surfacing or rubber crumb flooring. We can complete a range of services for this type of play area flooring, including installation and maintenance work so get in touch with us today to discuss prices.

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What is Wetpour Safety?

A safety surface is created using a two tier system including the base layer or shock pad layer which is made up of 2-6mm SBR (styrene butadiene rubber) rubber granules mixed with a polyurethane resin and laid insitu. This is the layer that usually varies in depth to meet the Critical Fall Height (CFH) or Free Fall Height (FFH) which is governed by the height of any play equipment on the site and normally specified by the play equipment manufacturer.

The wearing course layer is commonly made up of 1-4mm EPDM crumb that is mixed with a polyurethane resin and laid on site. The wearing course EPDM is what determines the colour of the surface, wet pour EPDM granules are available in a wide range of colours including; red, green, blue, orange, purple, teal, plus many more. For more information on our surface options please click here http://playgroundrubbersafetysurfacing.co.uk/moyle/moyarget/ The colour EPDM along with depth and size of the area being covered, determines the prices and costs of the job. However we are confident that we can supply a local safe area in Moyarget BT54 6 to fit any budget. To find out more information on wetpour surface services or to receive a quote please contact us.

Wetpour Safety Surfaces Near Me

Wetpour safety surfacing is available to a wide range of organisations for a number of domestic and commercial purposes. Establishments closest to you that might consider installing a wetpour surface include:

  • Parks - Safe surfaces for children meeting BSEN 1177 accreditations.
  • Playgrounds/Play areas - Impact absorbing soft rubberised flooring to keep kids safe
  • Nurseries / Kindergarten - Safer surfacing for pre-school children with NBS Q26 360 Specification
  • Schools - Wetpour areas for play areas with climbing equipment
  • Care Homes - Protective flooring for shock absorbency
  • Pubs - Insitu laid resin bound rubberised flooring to prevent surface damage in pubs
  • Golf Clubs - Rubberised Pathways, epdm granule walkways

Wetpour Safety in Moyarget

Rubber wet pour safety surfacing is not just limited to these places near me, people may choose to have their gardens decorated in the rubberized surface in a variety of different colours. Additional play equipment can also be supplied with the flooring, for example coloured rubber spheres are commonly included with the playground construction. To learn more about rubber spheres please click here http://playgroundrubbersafetysurfacing.co.uk/rubber-spheres/moyle/moyarget/ As well as the colours mentioned previously there are a number of natural colours available including green, brown, earth yellow and beige. However areas do not have to be limited to one particular colour of wetpour you can choose to install multiple colours giving your area a unique design. Other options include installing wet pour 'fleck' to your flooring; why not check out our earth blend, grass blend or water blend. Also have a look at our wetpour graphics page. We only use virgin EPDM crumb for our colour option which we regarded as a premium product in comparison to TPV.

Rubber Surface Maintenance Near Me

The maintenance of your nearby area is crucial as it ensures that the surface lasts for as long as possible without needing any repairs. However, if repairs are required, then our team will be more than happy to help you in scheduling a visit to your facility whether this is to be an actual repair or just an examination.


However, if the damages are only minor, it could be easily resolved yourself by a simple repair kit. We can send these to you as soon as possible to ensure that the minor damages within the surrounding areas are not able to turn into larger damages. It is crucial that you contact us if you discover any damages at all as this will prevent the possibility of damages becoming larger and consequently permanent.

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Please contact our team to discuss the costs of installing rubber wet pour safety surfacing in Moyarget BT54 6 for a kindergarten, nursery, school or public area. The prices will vary depending on designs, area size, location and site conditions but our specialists will be able to offer a quote which fits into your budget.

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