Rubber Grass Matting in Redbrook

Rubber Grass Matting in Redbrook

Specialist rubber tiles can be installed to natural grass play areas to give additional safety quality for use with climbing frames and other equipment.

Grass Mat Tiles in Redbrook

Grass Mat Tiles in Redbrook

The protecting grass mat tiles are made of recycled rubber and can be installed to playgrounds and outdoor leisure spaces of various area sizes to protect kids.

Honeycomb Grass Mats in Redbrook

Honeycomb Grass Mats in Redbrook

These rubber mats are popular in play areas with a natural looking feel as the natural grass can continue to grow up through the tiles, disguising the look of the rubber.

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Grass Matting Protective Surface in Redbrook

A grass matting protective surface in Redbrook SY13 3 is an excellent flooring type that allows facilities to make their areas much safer. The mats are placed on the grass and over time, as it grows, the mat will become more and more hidden until eventually it just appears as grass.

This provides a very natural feel These are commonly used in facilities that require safety enhancements such as parks and play areas. 


If you would like further information, please don't hesitate to get in touch with our specialist team who will ensure they provide an efficient response as soon as possible.

Artificial Grass Flooring Near Me

Artificial grass flooring is commonly used in areas that want a safety surfacing but want to maintain the look of natural turf. The mats are made of rubber 23mm thick and come in 500m x 500m squares. The honeycomb shapes within that mat allow natural turf to protrude through disguising the mat. Establishments that might consider installing a rubberised surfacing surface include:

  • Parks - Underneath childrens playground equipment to meet BSEN 1177 accreditation
  • Pubs - Recreational areas, around multi unit kids equipment for safer flooring
  • Playgrounds / Play Areas - Around roundabouts, swings, slides and springy
  • Schools - Leisure area, grass stability car park, underneath play area furniture
  • Leisure Centres - Natural looking pathways and walkways
  • Kindergarten - Safe surfacing for children's playground

Along with the matting protective flooring we also supply and install additional equipment such as climbing frames, activity panels, swings and slides. A popular playground accessory that we install nearby is coloured rubber spheres which come in a range of sizes for kids to use in numerous outdoor activities. For information regarding the rubber spheres click here They are available in a number of colours depending on personal preferences.

Play Surface Designs

The mat surfacing now offers an interlocking design meaning there are no specialist tools required for installation as well as boasting the benefit of not requiring any ground or sub-base preparation. The molded non-slip cellular structure in Redbrook SY13 3 offers excellent durability as well as a shock absorber which also absorbs noise pollution. Other benefits include being wheel chair and push chair friendly whilst also being suitable for all weather conditions resisting wind up lift. When installing a local mat safety surface to your surrounding areas we would always advise that the installation includes a ground stabilizing mesh (GSM) which offers a further degree of support to the mat surface helping stabilize them and prevent them from slipping and moving. Along with giving a natural look and non-slip finish the rubber mat flooring is also flame retardant and the grass matting protective surface is sometimes specified with flame retardant properties. These specifications are produced by NBS under the Q26 section header 340A Rubber Mat and Tile Surfacing. For additional information on play surface designs, please contact our team.

Rubber Turf Mat Specification

Grass Matrix safety surfacing is made up of 98% recycled material making it a great environmentally friendly choice; they are manufactured from Rubber/PVC Polymer material. If you do not have a natural area but still require an installation of playground safety surfacing, we offer other alternatives such as the rubber turf mat specification. These include rubber mulch flooring and wetpour safety surfaces with coloured EPDM graphics which can be designed to meet your own bespoke requirements that are closest to what you imagined. For even more information on rubber mulch surfacing click here We offer details on the surface and where it can be installed.

If you are thinking of having this specialist rubber matting installed for your school or kindergarten play area, please get in touch with us through the contact form on this page. One of our experts will talk you through the various options and offer you a price for completing the work.

Rubber Artificial Turf Area Near Me

The BS EN: 1177 test results state the rubber artificial turf area has a critical fall height of 1.1m-3m depending on the sub base. As general advice though, we advise careful consideration is given when proposing use as a primary safety surface for all CFH's above 1.5m, as site ground conditions can affect the safety ratings.


Please speak to one of our experienced members of staff for further advice on this. We will gladly answer any questions you have regarding the specification and costs for this type of surface. Feel free to fill in our quick contact form for more details on what we can offer.

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Please speak to our experienced members of staff for further advice on this. We will gladly answer any questions you have regarding the specification and costs of a grass matting protective surface in Redbrook SY13 3 and the costs involved. Feel free to fill in our quick contact form for more details on what we offer.

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