Rubber Play Surfacing in Blankney

Rubber Play Surfacing in Blankney

There are a variety of rubber play surfaces that can be installed to create a safe outdoor playground at schools and nurseries as well as public parks.

Playground Safety Surfaces in Blankney

Playground Safety Surfaces in Blankney

Wetpour flooring provides a soft impact absorbing play surface which can be installed in brightly coloured designs with graphics and games that children can enjoy.

Play Flooring Designs in Blankney

Play Flooring Designs in Blankney

We can design and install rubber safety surfacing in various playgrounds to provide impact absorption with equipment like climbing frames and activity trails so kids are protected from injury.

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Play Area Rubber Surfacing in Blankney

Our expertise has aided us in developing safe Playground Surface solutions for a multitude of applications. Our options are customisable for you. 

Play area rubber surfacing in Blankney LN4 3 is installed beneath playground equipment to meet the BSEN 1177 standards to ensure the area passes safety surfacing requirements for the children and kids.

The safe surfaces available include wet pour rubberised surfacing, grass matt flooring and rubber mulch flooring, all designed to keep children safe. The soft, bouncy playground flooring is SUDs compliant, and the flooring is permeable, allowing the free drainage of surface water and preventing unnecessary slips and damage to the rubberised surface.


Feel free to contact our local specialist team for more information on wet pour playground rubber surfacing, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Wetpour Play Specification Near Me

Wet pour safety surfacing is available to a wide range of organisations for several domestic and commercial purposes. Wet Pour rubber surfacing can come in many different colours, designs, and specifications to suit the requirements of any play space. Other wet pour graphics can create a unique look for your school or nursery.

For more details on wet pour surfacing, please click here. Establishments near me that might consider installing a wet pour rubber surface include:

  • Recreation Park Areas - Soft rubberised flooring to keep children safe when playing in the play areas
  • Playground Surfacing - Porous rubber playground surfacing to meet the safety surfacing requirement of CFH
  • Nursery / Early Years Facility - Colourful designs and graphics for learning and safety purposes
  • Primary Schools - Keeping kids safe where there is climbing equipment present in the play areas
  • Brewery / Pub Leisure Area - Rubber surfacing impact absorbing flooring

What is Play Area Rubber Flooring?

Play Area Rubber flooring is a great benefit to playgrounds closest to you in Blankney LN4 3 due to the many services it provides. The rubber is excellent for ensuring children are safe as it meets the required CFH (critical fall height) and BS EN 1177 standards.

Many educational facilities like kindergartens, EYFS groups, and primary schools have specialist surfaces installed to create a fun outdoor learning space specially designed to teach children fundamentals, like maths and English and road safety and social skills.

To find out more about the installable graphics, please visit this page. Outdoor activity is essential during the early years of education, so an interactive facility has many benefits.

Be sure to speak to a team member if you would like a price for installing a surface at your nearby establishment. Fill in the quick contact form on this page to receive a quote for your project, along with some detailed product descriptions.

Playground Safety Surfacing Near Me 

Rubberised mulch is an ideal surface for grassy or woodland playgrounds that want a natural effect. Premium resin bound mulch is 100% recycled tyre shred and is a perfect surface for a hilly and uneven playground. We are installers of mulch, so we can offer several different product sheets and examples of previous work we have carried out.

Although the mulch specification is best for a more natural playground surface, it comes in several different colours to suit any design or specification of mulch required. Rubberised mulch is ideal for schools, nurseries, closed playgrounds, or communal playgrounds and their surrounding areas that aim to adhere to a natural finish whilst also keeping children safe.

Playground Rubberised Flooring in Blankney

You can also use grass mats as school nurseries, kindergartens, and school playground surface that require a natural look. Installing the grass mat surfacing and allowing grass to grow through it allows a natural grassy look whilst keeping kids safe, meeting the BSEN 1177 and critical fall height requirements of playground equipment.

Grass Mats also absorb shock and noise, which benefits both the children and the school. For more details on grass mats, please click here.

This benefit is because it is unlikely that a child will get injured on the top of the playground, and therefore the school cannot be blamed protect the floor and equipment in kids playgrounds and is suitable for all weather conditions. It also protects the floor and equipment in kids playgrounds and is ideal for all weather conditions.

This feature is critical because the area because of fluctuating weather in the UK. As a result, it prevents both sun and rain from damaging the area.

How to Maintain a Rubber Playground Surface

Maintaining an area is crucial to maximising its lifespan and getting the most value out of your money. Although it is not essential, a proactive maintenance strategy is always strongly advised by our specialist team local to you due to the many benefits it will offer.


All required is a simple regular clean of your area to ensure that no dirt can build up. However, if you would like an examination or any repairs carried out on your facility, you can get in contact with our team now, who will help you schedule a visit to your facility.

What is the best material for under a playset?

Rubber mulch is widely regarded as the finest material to use beneath a swing set since it provides a continuous impact absorbing and playground safety surface. Rubber mulch is more expensive at first than other materials, but you will not have to worry about long-term maintenance due to the composition and compatibility with many sub-base types.

Does rubber mulch attract snakes?

Snakes enjoy wood mulch but not rubber, according to the Conservation Department. It is initially more expensive, but it lasts far longer. It also meets playground safety requirements.

How long does pour in place rubber last?

A pour-in-place playground surface can last up to ten years (depending on foot activity) before requiring any maintenance – no need to truck in new surface filler every spring. It can last up to 12-15 years if properly maintained. After that, it's just a matter of keeping up with it.

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