Rubber Playground Spheres in Blaencaerau

Rubber Playground Spheres in Blaencaerau

EPDM rubber spheres can be installed to wetpour playgrounds as decorative shapes to be used in a variety of games and activities.

Decorative Play Spheres in Blaencaerau

Decorative Play Spheres in Blaencaerau

Rubber crumb games spheres can be installed in a range of sizes and colours to fit with the design of the existing area, allowing you to customise the look of your playground.

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Rubber Sphere Decorative Designs in Blaencaerau

The installation of rubber sphere decorative designs in Blaencaerau CF34 0 is a great way to brighten up urban areas, recreational parks, gardens, city centres and playgrounds. These rounded shapes are often used for decoration or seating and are known by many different names; rubberized balls, rubbery moon or rubber world.


You can find out more on sphere decorative designs by completing the provided enquiry box. This will allow our nearby specialist team to respond quickly and effectively with all the answers you need.

What is a Rubber Sphere?

Half spheres are also known by different names in Blaencaerau CF34 0 including half moon, semi-circle domes, crumb 3D balls and Wetpour EPDM seating sphere. As well as being available in a number of different decorative shapes and designs the EPDM spheres are also available in a wide range of colours to make your impact absorbing insitu laid wetpour rubber safety area as individual as possible. For information on wetpour surfacing please click here Colours of rubberised 3D spheres include:

  • Green - Decorative coloured balls for nurseries to add unique 3D touch
  • Blue - Coloured impact absorbing seating dome for recreational space
  • Purple - Rubberised EPDM 3D sphere to add different design aspects to play area
  • Brown Dome - Used of natural looking public open spaces
  • Teal Moon - Used on water parks as seating or playground equipment
  • Beige Sphere - Garden decorative designs onto impact absorbing insitu laid wet pour crumb
  • Red Rubber - In schools, leisure centres and recreational play areas
  • Yellow EPDM - Adding a third dimension to otherwise flat LEAP, NEAP and LAP
  • Orange - A good substitute for park equipment or seating furniture

We are specialists in the installation of playground surfacing and equipment, however, we can also complete maintenance for each of the surface types we install. If you require any cleaning or wetpour surface repairs please contact us via the quick form on this page. We can offer prices and examples of our previous work so don't hesitate to get in touch.

Rubberised 3D EPDM Spheres

Add rubberised 3D EPDM spheres to your area to make the Wetpour surfacing better and they can be installed as play equipment or furniture. They are accessible in either full or half spheres with a diameter of 300mm, 400mm or 600mm depending on the design and layout of the wet pour area. Other specifications of the rubberized balls available are diameters of 350mm and 450mm but we generally stick to the standard sizes of 300mm, 400mm and 600mm which are fixed into the impact absorbing rubberised wet pour surfacing using a ground anchor and mounted plate. The 3D balls in Blaencaerau are excellent for making a play area look very unique and will provide the children with an additional toy that they can enjoy. Without these shapes, an area can sometimes look strange and a bit dull.

EDPM Ball Shaped Designs

With the different size and colour options available in Blaencaerau the design specification options for the kids playground is almost endless. The EPDM spheres are the perfect addition to a standard wet pour design and can be seen in many parks, playgrounds, LAPs, LEAPs, NEAPs, schools and children's recreational play areas all over the UK. In addition to supplying playground surfacing and equipment, we also offer DIY repair kits which allow you to carry out small areas of repairs yourself. For details on repair kits we offer closest to you, make sure you click on this page Please contact us if you would like us to send you over a wetpour repair kit. Maintaining your ball shaped decorative designs should be relatively straightforward.


A simple brushing session every so often will ensure that their lifespan is maximized and that they last as long as possible. This is because, by brushing the surface near me, any possibility of pores becoming clogged will be prevented and there will be no possibility of a build up of dirt on the surface. If dirt does build up on the local surface or its surrounding areas, it can be damaging to the rubber and the pores can become clogged, meaning that there would be flooding and waterlogging and possibly even permanent damage. To learn more about the EPDM ball shaped designs, please contact our team. 

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