Playground Surface Testing in Bradfield

Playground Surface Testing in Bradfield

It's important to carry out regular tests and inspections on the safety of your playground surface to ensure it meets Critical Fall Height requirements for any equipment in the area.

Play Area Safety Tests in Bradfield

Play Area Safety Tests in Bradfield

We can offer advice and help on testing your outdoor play surface for any damage or possible hazards to ensure you have a safe and well maintained playground which will protect kids from injury.

Wet Pour Depth Test in Bradfield

Wet Pour Depth Test in Bradfield

When wet pour surfaces are installed, they have to be tested. This is to make sure that they meet safety requirements.

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Playground Surface Testing in Bradfield

Playground surface testing in Bradfield RG7 6 should be carried out post installation to ensure the specification has been met and the impact absorbing playground surfacing is a safe foundation for children to play. The testing must adhere to the BSEN 1177 regulations which show a set list of specifications to ensure safety. One particular test to make certain that the area is safe for use.


By contacting our nearby surface testing team, you will be entitled to find even more information about our surfaces and their surrounding areas. You can feel free to ask any questions and receive all the answers and information you require.

How to Test a Playground Surface Near Me

One particular test to make sure safety of the kids in a playground is the HIC (head injury criterion) test method which measures the critical fall height (CFH). This is normally measured from any equipment in the playground and is a test to see what impact would occur if a child was to fall from this particular height. If the impact absorbing wet pour surfacing, insitu laid rubber mulch, grass mats or artificial turf has been installed correctly in Bradfield and at the correct depth, the testing will show that if a child was to fall from the CFH of climbing equipment, it would not be fatal. Other important aspects to look out for include:

  • BS EN 1176 Minimum fall space around equipment - Ensuring no obstacles in free space
  • Equipment - Swings, slides and other equipment thoroughly tested
  • Materials - Surfacing and equipment cannot be easily flammable
  • Entrapments - Ensuring children cannot be trapped within equipment
  • Rotating items - The safety of rotating items ensuring they do not enter free space
  • BS EN 1177 Surface testing - Test for CFH and the safety of surfacing materials used
  • BS 7188 Performance testing - Slip resistance, skid resistant, wear and tear, ease of ignition
  • Lab material testing - Wetpour rubber crumb, insitu mulch safety surfacing, grass mats

Recreational Area Near Me

If you don't have a recreational area closest to you but you would like an installation of a specially tested surface for a pathway or other outdoor feature, we can help. Rubber mulch walkways are very popular for parks and golf clubs as they offer a natural appearance but also give a more comfortable surfacing to walk on. To find out more abour these pathways please click here For more information on this surface type and the professional playground testing services we offer, don't forget to fill in our enquiry form today!

Play Area Surfacing Tests 

A Playground in Bradfield RG7 6 is generally tested to make certain that the BS EN 1176 and BS EN 1177 safety requirements set out have been met and to supply information on good maintenance of the area as ongoing re-testing is essential in making sure you check the BS 7188 performance tests remain within tolerance for things like the slip resistance of soft surfacing. Keeping your local playground performing to its best and not endangering others is a necessity. Failure to do so could lead to someone getting hurt and leave yourself liable for the injury which could, in turn lead to having a claim made against you. Remember where there is a blame there's a claim. It is important to carry our play area surfacing tests, so make certain to contact us for details. 

Play Flooring Checks in Bradfield

If you do have play flooring checks carried out and they determine that a certain type of maintenance needs to be done, we can complete this for you. These could include applying a moss and algae treatment or completing wetpour flooring repairs to fix areas of damage. For details on wetpour repairs please visit this page Whatever the surface needs we will offer a cost effective solution to get it back on top form.


Regular checks of your safety surfacing are crucial, especially in a playground. This is because of the possibility of an injury to a child. The school could be blamed and there could be very serious problems after. If the area needs testing, you can get in touch with us now to schedule this. Our specialist team will be able to provide an excellent test in an excellent facility.

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